Denim Dad Hat For Fly Foodies who Loves Taco Tuesdays.

Abt Hy8pe

Abt Hy8pe

Throwback everyday! My first store in Bruton Bazaar
Throwback every day! My first store in Bruton Bazaar

Hy8pe started off like any other business…as an idea first.
My idea was to sell high-end glasses, watches and amongst other men’s accessories like hats, wallets, backpacks…pretty much any fly or dope brand that I could get my hands on.
The photo above is almost 10 years old. It’s my first store inside of Bruton Bazaar, which is located in Pleasant Grove (East Dallas).

Cartier Gold Buffalo Horn Dark Buffs-1
Cartier Gold Buffalo Horn Dark Buffs
Cartier Gold Buffalo Horn Tan Buffs-1
Cartier Gold Buffalo Horn Tan Buffs

When I opened my store I sold cheap replica Cartier, Mont Blanc and Louis Vuitton glasses and shades along with 1-off (exact copy) wood, buffalo horn, and stainless steel Cartier glasses. I’m sure that I was the only store (besides the real Cartier store) selling real gold and silver Cartiers in Dallas.

Even though that was cool, the goal all along was to start my own brand with hy8pe. The ultimate goal is to make my business into a store for not only hy8pe, but for other underground brands trying to get on. With that said, I’d like to thank all of my past customers in Orlando, Houston, Hawaii (yep they wear Cartiers on islands too) and last but not least Detroit! (I’ve sold more Cartier glasses to cats in Detroit than all other places combined). I hope you all rock with us going forward.

One, Hy8pe
P.S…stay tuned for more Cartier, Mont Blanc & Chrome Heart glasses/shades (plus more) in the near future.

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